Why the Texans lack of draft picks works in their favor

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Deshaun Watson
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Deshaun Watson /

As ridiculous as it sounds the Houston Texans are better off without their first and second round picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. By using their picks for this draft last year they are in a better position now compared to if they would have held on to them.

Texans trade 2018 1st Round Pick to Cleveland

In the 2017 NFL Draft the Houston Texans traded their 2018 1st Round pick to the Cleveland Browns to draft Deshaun Watson. Watson is a dynamic quarterback who can change the trajectory of the franchise. If Houston was to stand pat with their pick things may have worked out differently for the Texans. Instead of Watson, Houston may have ended up with a different quarterback. The next quarterback selected was DeShone Kizer who is now on his second team in two years after the Browns ruined him. Weighing the options of Watson or Kizer, Watson is the better of the two quarterbacks. In this scenario Houston would have most likely played Tom Savage or T.J. Yates if they did not select a quarterback or went with Kizer. While Watson was expensive, he is vastly superior to the three names previously mentioned.

Texans trade Brock Osweiler and 2018 2nd Round Pick to Cleveland

Another trade with the Cleveland Browns. This time it was correcting a mistake made by the front office. Shipping Brock Osweiler and the 2018 2nd Round pick to the Browns to get rid of his contract. Houston ended up paying Osweiler $9 million last season but are no longer on the hook for any money owed. Getting out of that contract for the cost of a second rounder may be one of the best moves the Texans have ever made. Osweiler was not worth the money he was making and getting out of that contract allows more flexibility moving forward. Flexibility that allows the Texans to extend their current players and go after quality free agents.

In the end the Houston Texans are better off in the future by making moves at the expense of their first two draft picks for the 2018 NFL Draft.