Former agent: Texans won’t give in to Duane Brown

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Duane Brown is not going to get a raise from the Houston Texans.

Former NFL agent and current CBS Sports writer Joel Corry explained in a recent article that he wrote that the Houston Texans will not give in to left tackle Duane Brown and give him a pay raise.

The reason being is that the Texans can’t afford to set a precedent where if a player wants more money they will give in to that player if they decide to hold out.

"Addressing Brown’s contract would potentially cause the Texans headaches in the future. Outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus is outperforming his four-year, $26 million extension that runs through the 2019 season. He would likely expect the Texans to do the same with his contract next season when he was two years left if Brown gets a new deal. Jadeveon Clowney, the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, or his agent (Bus Cook) might have an issue with Brown getting taken care of for a second time when the outside linebacker/defensive end has the same time remaining on his contract and is coming off a breakout Pro Bowl season. Watt might feel justified in seeking a new deal sooner rather than later as well, even though he’s under contract through the 2021 season if he returns to or is close to his previous form after two back surgeries last year."

Corry also wrote that the Texans and Brown haven’t held any meaningful conversations when it comes to being able to work something out. So it continues to look like Brown will hold out as long as he can. This means he won’t be coming back before week seven.

Corry also pointed out that Texans’ owner Bob McNair will not be giving in to Brown either. He fully supports general manager Rick Smith’s stance. And he should because he knows he can’t pay every player that wants more money.

In case you’re wondering, Corry says that the Texans haven’t shown any interest in trading Brown. And they shouldn’t because they need him and know that he will show up at some point this season.

Corry explains in his article why Brown cannot sit out the entire season.

"Sitting out the entire season would be counterproductive contractually. Houston would likely have Brown’s contract tolled for a full year under the extension provisions in paragraph 16 of the standard NFL player contract, which would mean his deal wouldn’t expire until after the 2019 season instead of the 2018 season."

I understand why Brown is holding out, but he doesn’t have the leverage that he thinks he has.

With Brown being 32 years-old and the Texans clearly needing to solidify their offensive line, they will need to either sign a free agent left tackle next year or select one in the draft.

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