Will Duane Brown end his hold out this week?

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Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images /

Will Houston Texans’ left tackle Duane Brown end his hold out?

Now that the preseason is over, we can only wonder if and when left tackle Duane Brown will actually end his hold out.

I actually forgot about Brown until I saw the tweet below.

I have no idea as to whether Brown will report, but it doesn’t look good right now.

Other hold outs like running back Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers have reported.

But then you have someone like defensive tackle Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams who seems poised to continue his hold out into the regular season as he awaits a new contract.

When it comes to Brown, he could have plenty of money set aside in order for him to take his hold out past week one. He’s leaving a lot of money on the table for every game that he misses, but he might be ready to not give in any time soon.

The NFL is a filthy rich sports league and teams don’t have a problem with cutting a player at any given moment, so I don’t blame Brown for holding out.

Brown is likely banking on the Texans’ offensive line struggling during the regular season, which would mean that his leverage would go up and he would likely get a pay raise.

On the flip side, if Houston’s line holds up fine, Brown could end up regretting his hold out.

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Comment below and tell us whether you think Brown will report prior to next week’s season-opener.