Report: Duane Brown won’t show for training camp

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images /

Duane Brown will continue to hold out for more money as training camp kicks off for the Texans.

I just posted an article this morning stating that Houston Texans’ left tackle Duane Brown has already lost out on over $200,000 for the upcoming season after skipping out on the club’s mandatory minicamp.

Brown was also fined over $80,000 as well.

With the Texans reporting to training camp in West Virginia, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that Brown will continue his hold out.

With Brown holding out into training camp, he will be fined $40,000 for every day that he misses. So that means he will owe the Texans $280,000 for every week that he is missing.

The fines alone are the reason hold outs in the modern day NFL aren’t worth it.

Brown is certainly a vital player, but he’s 31 years-old and has two years left on his current contract. Now he’s not looking for a new contract, he only wants more guaranteed money.

You could argue that Brown should honor his contract since he agreed to sign it a few years ago.

But you also have to remember that NFL teams don’t honor player contracts. They release players all the time before their contracts are up.

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So fans shouldn’t be mad at Brown for trying to get more money out of the Texans. The NFL is a business and every player has to look out for what’s best for himself and his family.

I just believe that by Brown holding out he’s only hurting himself since he’s already lost some money and will continue to lose more the longer this goes on.

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