Duane Brown just lost over $200K

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images /

Duane Brown has already lost a chunk of his 2017 salary.

Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown attempted to make a statement this offseason by skipping the team’s mandatory minicamp.

The problem is that Brown only hurt himself.

Field Yates of ESPN reported on Tuesday that Brown’s salary has decreased for the 2017 season due to the fact that he hit a de-escalator clause in his contract after skipping minicamp.

Brown will now miss out on over $200,000 of his original pay for the upcoming season. He was also fined $80,405 for skipping the Texans’ minicamp sessions.

The Texans’ players report to camp on Tuesday and will start practicing on Wednesday.  Brown is not expected to report to camp on time since he will likely continue his hold out.

Brown will only lose more money if he continues his hold out since he will be fined $40,000 for every day that misses during training camp.

It’s nice that Brown feels like he deserves more money, but the fact of the matter is that he doesn’t have any leverage.

Yes, Houston’s offensive line would be even more of a mess without Brown, but he’s only going to rack up more fines and there’s no way he’s going to skip out on any of the Texans’ regular season games because he will miss out on each of his games checks, which will be around $400,000 a pop.

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The thing many people don’t realize is that NFL players don’t get paid every week or every other week during the year. They only get paid during the regular season.

So if Brown skips any regular season games, he would then be forfeiting his own pay checks.

My guess is that Brown will skip one or two weeks of training camp and then report.