D’Onta Foreman headed to court very soon

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /

Texans’ rookie D’Onta Foreman is scheduled to appear in court after last weekend’s arrest.

It was reported on Tuesday that Houston Texans’ running back D’Onta Foreman will have to appear in court on July 31st after being arrested this past weekend for weapons and marijuana charges.

Of course that’s a big problem since the Texans will be reporting to training camp at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia on July 25th.

In order to avoid missing any time at camp, Foreman is expected to ask for the date to be changed.

Even though Foreman’s recent arrest doesn’t look good for him, it sounds like the charges may not stick.

Foreman’s attorney claims that the gun that was in his car was recently purchased by his client and properly registered according to Texas law. So there is a good chance he won’t face any punishment on that front.

When it comes to the marijuana, it appears that it wasn’t Foreman’s, but was instead possessed by the passenger riding in his car.

Here’s what Foreman’s attorney said, via the Houston Chronicle:

"“D’Onta did not use or possess the marijuana,” Lewis stated. “Upon making his bond, he will submit to urinalysis and confirm he has not used marijuana. D’Onta appreciates the professionalism of the officers involved in his arrest and booking into the Travis County jail. We are confident this matter will be resolved justly once the state of Texas applies the applicable law to the facts.”"

Foreman better hope he’s cleared of any marijuana charges because if he doesn’t, he could be subject to the NFL’s substance abuse program.

Also if Foreman isn’t cleared the of the charges that he’s facing, he could end up being suspended by the NFL and miss a portion of his rookie season, as I wrote on Monday.

Hopefully Foreman has at least learned that he needs to be careful who he hangs out with, or his NFL career could quickly be over.