The Morning Fix: Tom Savage the biggest stand out this offseason

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Good morning Houston! Here’s your Houston Texans’ news as we get ready for another weekend summer weekend.

Deshaun Watson’s work ethic is exactly what the Texans are looking for.

It would be a surprise if left tackle Duane Brown misses any regular season games.

Here’s some more news:

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Clowney and J.J. Watt could be two of the biggest defensive stars in the NFL.

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The main thing for the Texans to do is find a starting right tackle.

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Don’t forget Whitney Mercilus. Scary.

The Biggest Standout of Every NFL Team’s Offseason so Far [Bleacher Report]

Tom Savage makes the list.  I’m not sold though until I see how he looks in the preseason.

Does the NFL Have a Parity Problem? [Bleacher Report]

Not like the NBA. But it does seem like a few teams have been dominating more lately.

John McClain’s Texans’ breakdown: Tight ends [Houston Chronicle]

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Tom Savage is at the bottom of this list.

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There’s always another quarterback that’s about to become the next highest paid player.

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Of course Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson aren’t on this list.

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Hopefully. It’s almost impossible to find a franchise quarterback on the first try.

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An interesting thought to ponder.

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The AFC South certainly has some good running backs.

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