John McClain doesn’t expect Duane Brown to miss any regular season games

Will Duane Brown skip any regular season games?

With the Houston Texans set to kick off training camp in only matter of weeks, everyone is wondering whether or not left tackle Duane Brown will show up or continue his hold out.

Brown already skipped the Texans’ mandatory minicamp this offseason, which means he’s already racking up fines from the club.

Now if Brown continues his hold out into training camp, the Texans will be able to continue to fine him for every day he misses.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle made it clear this week that he doesn’t expect Brown to miss any regular season games despite his current hold out.

McClain said that he can’t imagine Brown skipping any regular season games since he’s set to make over $500K per week.

“He [Brown] makes $9.5 million this year. Game checks start when the regular season begins. If you want to know what he makes per week divide $.9.5 million by 17,” said McClain.

“Not many players miss those big game checks. And don’t expect Duane will either. If he doesn’t come in at some point during camp, I sure expect he’ll be there for Jacksonville,” he said.

I agree with McClain.

I actually expect Brown to show up midway through the preseason. He’s 32 years-old and I’m sure he doesn’t feel like going through an entire training camp.

I also believe that the Texans will come to agreement with Brown on how much money he will pay in fines instead of forcing to pay every penny that he’ll end up owing.

At the end of the day, the Texans and their fans don’t need to worry about Brown missing any regular season games in 2017.