Brock Osweiler’s stats show he’s not starter quality

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Brock Osweiler is not good enough to be an NFL starter.

The Denver Broncos did a heck of a job making quarterback Brock Osweiler look like a viable NFL starter in 2015.

Then Osweiler signed with the Houston Texans last year and he looked like he didn’t have any business being on the field.

Now that Osweiler is with the Browns, he spoke with the local Cleveland media last week and was asked if he’s good enough to start this coming season.

"“Absolutely,” replied Osweiler. “I think the proof is in the film for the past two years.”"

Osweiler probably shouldn’t have been that confident in himself.

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Peter King of The MMQB compared Osweiler’s stats over the past two seasons to a career back up like Case Keenum and they’re very similar.

Over the past two years both Osweiler and Keenum completed 60 percent of their passes.

Osweiler’s touchdown to interception ratio is 25-22, while Keenum’s is 13-12.

Osweiler’s quarterback rating is 77.2 and Keenum’s is 79.5.

King does a great job of resting the case that Osweiler is not a proven NFL starter.

"You can make stats say a lot of different things, but when you have not played better than Case Keenum (and I think Keenum is a fine backup who can play for a while but isn’t anyone’s long-term starter), it’s mindful of the old Parcellsism: You are what your record says you are."

As much as Osweiler believes his film shows that he’s an NFL starting caliber quarterback, his stats say something else.

Even though the Texans had to trade away a second round pick in order to get rid of Osweiler, it was a smart move. He wasn’t going to be able to help them in 2017.