The Morning Fix: Reuben Foster an option for the Texans? and more

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Good morning Houston! We can all rejoice. The NFL draft is finally here and we have plenty of Houston Texans news for you.

It’s nice that the Texans love DeShaun Watson, but the odds of him falling to them are not good.

I’m also glad to hear that the Texans won’t be reaching for a quarterback.

Here’s some more news:

Houston Texans NFL Draft 2017: The 25th Pick Will Be… [House of Houston]

A quarterback, cornerback, or offensive lineman. At least one report says that.

2017 NFL Draft: Is Reuben Foster An Option For The Texans? [Battle Red Blog]

Too many red flags for the Texans to draft him.

2017 NFL Draft: Brad Kaaya Scouting Report [Battle Red Blog]

I like Kaaya, but I’m not sure how good he’s going to be in the NFL.

Listen: Does Return of J.J. Watt Mean Texans Will Target DB? [vSporto]

It’s almost certain the Texans will take a defensive back somewhere in this year’s draft.

Checklist: How Texans can earn an A-plus haul in NFL draft [Texans Wire]

Breaking down Texans picks in Draft Wire writer mock [Texans Wire]

More from Toro Times

Draft Wire’s Texans 7 Round Mock – Is the future now? [Texans Wire]

I love the first round pick in this mock.

GM Mock Draft: Houston takes on QB project [ESPN]

Whoever they draft at quarterback will be a project.

If Texans Draft A QB In 2017, How Long Are They Stuck With Him? [CBS Houston]

My guess would be three years.

For Many NFL QB Draft Prospects, Only Time Will Tell [CBS Houston]

This is true. Drafting a quarterback is a big gamble.

Browns say they’ve known the No. 1 pick for two weeks [Pro Football Talk]

Not sure I believe anything the Browns say around the NFL draft.

Tebow is hitting .246 for the Fireflies [Pro Football Talk]

Not bad at all for someone who hasn’t played baseball since high school. It would be great if he made it to the big leagues.