What it will take for the Texans to trade up in the first round

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It won’t be cheap for the Houston Texans to move up in the first round of this year’s draft.

Just last month I examined whether the Texans should trade up in the first round of this year’s NFL draft in order to get the quarterback they want.

In this article I’m going to breakdown exactly what it will cost Houston to move into certain spots of the upper portion of the first round.

In order to understand what it will take for the Texans to trade up, we need to first look at the NFL draft value chart.

According to the chart, the Texans’ first round pick–which is the 25th overall–is worth 720 points.

Say Houston wanted to jump in front of the New York Jets who have the sixth overall pick, They would need to work out a trade with the Tennessee Titans, who own the fifth pick.

The fifth overall pick is worth 1,700 points.  This means the Texans need to make up a total of 980 points in order to make the trade even.

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The Texans would need to trade their first round pick (720 points) as well as their second round pick (330 points).

Houston would then need to make up an additional 650 points. They could do this by trading their first and second round picks for the 2018 NFL draft.  The only problem is that the Texans don’t have a 2018 second round pick because they gave it up in order to trade Brock Osweiler.

One work around could be to trade their 2017 and 2018 third round picks since they don’t have a second round pick next year.

That would be a total of five picks just to move up to the fifth spot.

Now if the Texans want to instead jump over the Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns who own the 12th and 13th overall picks, they need to move up to number 11, which is currently owned by the New Orleans Saints.

The 11th pick is worth 1,250 points.

This means the Texans need to make up a difference of 530 points.  They can do this by trading away their second round pick from this year and once again pairing their 2017 and 2018 third round picks.

So in order to move up to 11, the Texans would need to trade away their first, second and third round picks in this year’s draft as well as their first and third round picks for next year.

At the end of the day, trading up for the fifth or 11th picks makes the most sense for the Texans if they want to move up for a specific quarterback. But the price is a little steep.

Comment below and tell us whether it’s worth it for the Texans to trade up.