Report: Texans decided to go with Tom Savage as starter over signing Jay Cutler

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

Is Tom Savage really a better option for the Houston Texans than Jay Cutler.

There have been some reports that former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler may end up retiring from football.

Jeff Dickerson of ESPN has said that he would be surprised if Cutler doesn’t call it quits.

Dickerson also reported this week that the Texans did think about signing Cutler, but instead felt like the best option is to go with Tom Savage as their starter.

"Actually, the Texans did express mild interest in Cutler, but coach Bill O’Brien preferred Tom Savage. After last year’s Brock Osweiler debacle, Houston’s front office wanted to defer to O’Brien, and the Cutler talks fizzled."

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume the Texans feel the same way about Colin Kaepernick. They likely view Savage as a better option for the upcoming season than the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who led the Niners to a Super Bowl appearance.

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I don’t see the harm in signing Kaepernick to be a back up in case things flame out with Savage next season.

If Savage were to get injured–which wouldn’t be a surprise–I have a hard time believing Brandon Weeden can get the job done.

But it does come down to making sure Houston has the quarterbacks on their roster that can run head coach Bill O’Brien’s offense and they might believe Kaepernick is unable to do so.