Jay Cutler still thinking about retiring, per report

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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Jay Cutler could end up no longer being an option for the Houston Texans.

The NFL Network reported back in February, right after the Chicago Bears cut quarterback Jay Cutler, that he may end up retiring from the NFL.

That’s still the case.

Roman Modrowski of ESPN is reporting that Cutler is still thinking about walking away from football at the age of 33.

"Jay Cutler’s NFL career may be nearing an end as the 33-year-old quarterback is still contemplating retirement after 11 seasons, according to a league source."

Cutler will be turning 34 years-old on April 29th and let’s be honest, while most quarterbacks can play into their mid to late 30’s, it might be time for Cutler to call it quits.

Cutler has suffered numerous injuries over the course of his career and things won’t get any easier as he continues to get older.

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It’s already been reported that the Houston Texans haven’t ruled out signing Cutler this offseason as they try and figure out their quarterback situation heading into next season.

Now I’m sure if a team had made Cutler a great offer by now , he would likely no longer be a free agent.

But Cutler has been given the time to think things over and it might make sense for him to retire.

When it comes to the Texans I believe they will draft a quarterback and if they feel like they need to add a veteran like Cutler or Colin Kaepernick they could do so between the draft and when training camp starts.

Now of course if Cutler decides to retire it will leave one less veteran quarterback option for Houston as they work to figure out how they’ll get by in 2017.