Report: Cowboys haven’t had trade talks with Texans or Broncos about Tony Romo

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos never engaged in Tony Romo trade talks with the Dallas Cowboys this week.

There was a report last week that the Dallas Cowboys might finally move on from quarterback Tony Romo this week.

Well that hasn’t happened.

On Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on NFL Network’s Up to the Minute that the Cowboys never held trade talks with either the Denver Broncos or the Houston Texans during this week’s NFL owners meetings in Arizona.

"“They have not made a move. They have not had potential trade discussions with the Houston Texans. They have not had potential trade discussions with the Denver Broncos. It turns out this week did not amp up things as some expected,” said Rapoport."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones instead told reporters on Tuesday that their deadline for Romo is training camp

So that means we’ll likely have a few more months of Romo speculation.

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It’s obvious now that Jones believes Romo has way too much value for him and the Cowboys to just release Romo and allow him to sign elsewhere.

Even though there isn’t a strong trade market for Romo right now, Jones is likely betting on one developing between now and when training camp starts.  During that time another NFL team could lose their starting quarterback to a serous injury.  This would certainly prompt that team to make a move for Romo. At least Jones hopes so.

And if Jones is not able to trade Romo, he will release him and let him sign elsewhere.

While it would be great for Romo to catch on with a team now and learn their offense, Jones could clearly care less.  He’s instead inclined to letting Romo catch on with a team and learn their offense on the fly when training camps kick off in late July.