Report: Tony Romo saga could end after this weekend

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

Will Tony Romo finally be released after this weekend? Could he be bound for the Houston Texans?

It sounds like we might be getting closer to Tony Romo finally signing with another NFL team as he looks to try to make a Super Bowl run before his career is over.

Cowboys insider Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas reported on Thursday night that Tony Romo could finally be set free after this weekend.

Now of course Fisher didn’t say whether Romo will be traded or released.

Unless there’s a surprise team that Romo is going to be traded to, or the Denver Broncos are all of sudden willing to part with a draft pick, the Houston Texans still remain the favorites.

There’s a reason five ESPN insiders believe Romo is Houston bound.

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While many people don’t believe it’s a big deal that the Cowboys are holding onto Romo, all Jerry Jones is doing is wasting everyone’s time. Which I’m sure he’s enjoying every minute of.

I also find it interesting that Jones enjoys all of the attention, even though much of it has been negative.  He’s just that kind of guy that enjoys the spotlight no matter what.  This is an owner that makes radio appearances on a consistent basis. I don’t think any other NFL owner does that.

Let’s just all hope this dragged out drama will be over sooner rather than later.