Todd McShay believes the Texans may not take a quarterback in the first round

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Would the Houston Texans really avoid taking a quarterback in the first round? Todd McShay believes they might.

If the Texans do decide to use the 25th overall pick on a quarterback, they would likely not be taking the best player on the board.  They would instead be drafting out of need. Which is not a very smart thing to do.

The last thing any NFL team wants to do is swing and miss on a first round pick.  This is why a lot of teams tend to go with the best player available on their board.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle believes  that the Texans will be taking a quarterback in the first round no matter what.

ESPN NFL draft expert Todd McShay says he could see the Texans not going with a quarterback in the first round, but instead taking the best player.

"“Actually I see Houston with this pick…could be an offensive lineman. You Bolles or Ramczyk falls..I don’t think Forrest Lamp would fall to this point from Western Kentucky. But could be an offensive lineman,” said McShay.“I could easily see them taking a Nate Pederman. Here’s a guy who has really good football intelligence. Josh Dobbs is another one from Tennessee. Day two picks. And trying to bring in some more competition for Tom Savage for the long term.“And maybe using this pick on a–I don’t want to call it a luxury–but just best player available. If someone’s to fall to this point that they thought was a really good player. Like a Hassan Reddick orr a pass rusher. I could just seem them taking advantage of a…Malik McDowell even though it’s not a need, just loading up on guys in the front seven so they could continue to be dominant on that side of the ball.”"

The best move for the Texans might be to select the best player available in the first round this year and take a quarterback in the second or third round.

Houston could then go into next year’s draft and take a quarterback in the first round if they feel like they need to, since next year’s crop of quarterbacks are expected to be a lot better than this year’s.

Don’t forget that both Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage are going into the final year on their contracts. So drafting a quarterback after the first round this year and than earlier next year isn’t a bad  move. If both players they draft turn out to be good, the Texans could always trade one down the road.