Michael Irvin: Texans will never take over Texas from the Cowboys

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The Houston Texans may never be the main team that fans love in Texas, but they could end up becoming the best team in the state.

There’s been some speculation that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t want quarterback Tony Romo playing for the Houston Texans since it would take some attention away from his team.

During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday, former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was asked how nervous he would be if he was Jerry Jones and Tony Romo ended up with the Texans.

"“Why would I be nervous? Dude, listen. Never, in your lifetime, my lifetime, in your kids lifetime will the Houston Texans take over Texas from the Dallas Cowboys. Never. Don’t even sweat it. Don’t even worry it,” replied Irvin."

Irvin was also asked who has a better chance of winning the Super Bowl if Romo ends up with the Texans.

Of course Irvin said the Cowboys.

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I beg to differ when it comes to the Super Bowl.  The Texans are a much better all-around team than the Cowboys.  If they had Romo, they would be a complete team and would be very hard to defeat.

Dallas on the other hand has a lot of issues on defense and just watched two offensive lineman leave this offseason. One in free agency and the other retired.

But I do agree that the Texans will never take over the state of Texas when it comes to having a larger fanbase. The Cowboys have a winning history, while the Texans were only created 15 years ago.

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