Mike Florio has interesting reason why Cowboys haven’t released Tony Romo yet

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Jerry Jones’ ego could be getting in the way of a Tony Romo release.

One of the most frustrating things this offseason for the Houston Texans has been the fact that the Dallas Cowboys decided to change their minds at the last minute and not release quarterback Tony Romo when the new league year started last week.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk was a guest on Sports Talk 790 in Houston and brought up an interesting reason as to why the Dallas Cowboys may have changed their mind in releasing quarterback Tony Romo, despite saying they would prior to free agency.

"“I just wonder whether or not Jones realized as it got closer to the point where he was going to cut Romo free that maybe it’s not as interesting to let him go to Houston. Because the coverage in Dallas was very intense on the day the got out that he wasn’t going to be with the team any longer.“So he goes to the Texans and all of a sudden, the Dallas Morning News has been assigned to cover the Texans, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has assigned someone to cover the Texans, the local TV stations in Dallas have someone covering the Texans. And you have infringement on the Cowboys’ turf.“I don’t think Jerry Jones wants that. And it’s not a Houston, Dallas rivalry thing. Although I guess the proximity makes it a concern that you don’t want fans who aren’t all that far away geographically from Houston to suddenly become interested in the Texans. What if the Cowboys reverse what they had last year? You know 2015 was, 2016 was good. What if they boomerang back the other way? And the Texans end up being good. And the Texans dominate the cover, the discussion and everything because Romo’s had this rebirth while the Cowboys re falling apart.“If I’m Jerry Jones, I don’t think I want that. I want to try and push this thing toward Denver if I can. And maybe that’s one of the reasons they slammed the breaks on this thing.”"

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Like many other rich NFL owners, Jones has a huge ego and I think what Florio said makes sense.

I honestly don’t understand why Jones won’t give Romo his job back and let Dak Prescott sit behind him for the next year or two.  Or until Romo gets hurt again. It certainly wouldn’t hurt Prescott and he’s not getting paid starter money like Romo.

As much as Jones may not want Romo to sign with the Texans, there’s a good chance it will happen when Romo hits the open market.