Report: Texans comfortable with Tom Savage as starter

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Can the Houston Texans get back to the playoffs with Tom Savage?

I have a hard time believing the Texans would be OK with Tom Savage as their starting quarterback.

But there is now a report out that Houston is OK with Savage starting next season.

James Palmer of NFL Media was asked on Thursday whether we can believe that the Texans when they say Tom Savage is their guy.

"“Inside that building the understanding I get is they are comfortable with Tom Savage being their quarterback next season if that’s the way this thing plays out. We know they’re not going to trade for Tony Romo. And my understanding is, if he comes to Houston it would be more or less on thier terms in terms of how that contract will be worked out becuase we do know he has some familiarity with the way Bill O’Brien runs things at the quarterback position. And we know they will go out and look at the quarterbacks in this draft."

This is very interesting since ESPN NFL insider Adam Caplan reported a few days ago that the Texans aren’t comfortable with having Savage start for an entire 16 game regular season.

"“They even said to me privately when I was at the combine, even if they moved on from Osweiler, they were bringing in competition. A guy they do like on the roster is Tom Savage. But they don’t think right now that he’s ready to start 16 games,” said Caplan."

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Either the Texans are putting it out there that they’re fine with Savage being their starter in an attempt to force the Cowboys to cut Tony Romo, or they really are comfortable with him.

I believe Houston is bluffing about how much they like Savage as a starter.

Savage has been in the NFL for the past three years and hasn’t shown much.  But he might finally get a chance to prove whether he can be a viable NFL starter. Especially if the Texans don’t sign Tony Romo.

At the end of the day, I believe Savage is a good NFL back up, but I wouldn’t bet on him being a franchise quarterback.