Report: Texans don’t believe Tom Savage is ready to start 16 games

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Tom Savage may not be the answer for the Houston Texans.

Now that Brock Osweiler is out of the picture, Tom Savage is expected to be the Houston Texans starting quarterback heading into 2017 NFL season.

For now that is.

The Texans could end up signing Tony Romo if and when the Dallas Cowboys finally decide to release him.

Or Houston could even draft a quarterback next month.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan says the Texans really like Savage, but they don’t believe he’s ready to play an entire 16 game season.

"“They even said to me privately when I was at the combine, even if they moved on from Osweiler, they were bringing in competition. A guy they do like on the roster is Tom Savage. But they don’t think right now that he’s ready to start 16 games,” said Caplan."

I’ll be honest.  While I like Savage, it’s concerning if it is true that he’s not ready to be an NFL starter for an entire season.

Savage is 26 years-old and was drafted in the 4th round by the Texans in 2014. So that means he’s had three full seasons to learn the offense and ultimately learn how to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

If Savage is not ready now, then he likely never will be.

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About 10 years ago or so, NFL teams use to draft quarterbacks high within the first round or two and let them sit and learn.

A great example of this is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.  He had to wait a few years before Brett Favre finally left and now look at how great he is.  Rodgers is now a future Hall of Famer.

The expectation was usually that a quarterback would be ready to start within three years. It doesn’t work out that way.  Not everyone is Aaron Rodgers.  Nor is every quarterback good enough to start in the NFL. And that might be the case with Savage.

Savage could end up being a solid back up, but I’m afraid he’s not the Texans answer to finding their franchise signal-caller.