David Carr: Brock Osweiler wasn’t given enough time to succeed with Texans

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Was Brock Osweiler given enough time in Bill O’Brien’s system?

There’s no doubt that things didn’t end well for quarterback Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans after only one year together.

Some people may wonder how Osweiler would have fared with at least one more season in Houston.

Former Texans quarterback David Carr told the Houston Chronicle that he doesn’t believe Osweiler was given enough time to succeed in head coach Bill O’Brien’s offensive system.

"“Gary Kubiak’s system in Denver was so different,” Carr said. “It was completely different than what Bill (O’Brien) was asking him to do in Houston with the option routes and young receivers. There wasn’t enough time.“I look at the guys they’ve had in Houston (during O’Brien’s tenure) and they haven’t been given a lot of time. I don’t know how you get much continuity at the positon by rotating guys in so much, especially with the offense you’re running. There is a comfort level involved, and you can’t match that in 10 months.”“It was a short stint, and Brock didn’t play his best,” Carr said. “And there was not a lot of flexibility for Bill to change or adapt to what Brock was comfortable with. A lot of coaches are like that. They won’t change their system. But when you pay somebody that much money, you want to have an open conversation, and that wasn’t going to be the case.”"

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Carr may have a point about Osweiler not being given enough time to learn the Texans’ offense.  But he sealed his fate after a physical altercation with O’Brien last season.

After getting mad at O’Brien for telling him that he needed him to come in and play for Tom Savage after Savage suffered a concussion in week 17, that shows Osweiler’s mentally weak. Now of course no one likes losing their job.  But his attitude should have been to go out and prove he shouldn’t have lost his job.

At the end of the day, a player can’t succeed in the NFL as a quarterback if he’s not mentally strong.