Tony Romo watch could last until the NFL draft

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The Tony Romo saga is only going to continue to drag on.

With pretty much all of the big name free agents signed, one name that many people are still wondering about is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo as owner Jerry Jones continues to hold out for a trade.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday and was asked when the first deadline is that could spur action from the Cowboys to possibly release Romo.

"“The draft,” replied Rapoport.“I got a text from a Cowboys source that read, ‘We never intended to waive him [Romo]. And I was like, alright maybe we’ve all had this all wrong because the Cowboys people at the combine were all talking about, ‘we don’t have to do anything, we can wait, we don’t have anything in the contract that we need to pay, we have all the time in the world.’ And even then I was like alright, it’s the draft.”“The chances we are talking about Tony Romo on Thursday night leading up to the draft is pretty high. Because it’s not going to be a first round pick.”“Let’s say the Texans, because it seems like they’re more interested than the Broncos at this point. They have no quarterback. Let’s say the Texans whiff on the quarterbacks they want in the first and second round. Now they say alright we’re going to give up a third rounder for Tony Romo.”"

The Cowboys don’t have to do anything with Romo. They could even decide to keep him for the final two years of his contract. But let’s be honest that’s not happening.

There’s no way the Cowboys are going to pay Romo starting caliber money to be a back up behind Dak Prescott.

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Not to mention, the last thing Dallas needs is for Romo to be around if Prescott struggles next season.  Then there could be another controversy and owner Jerry Jones as well as head coach Jason Garrett will constantly face questions about whether Dak will lose his starting job.

Keeping Romo through the draft makes sense because a team like the Texans may not be able to draft the quarterback they want and could panic.

Ultimately Jones will have to release Romo in order to avoid any further distractions as training camp gets closer.