Report: Bill O’Brien “loves” Tony Romo, Texans won’t trade for him

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The Dallas Cowboys are really trying to complicate things as it now look likes the Tony Romo saga will drag on for a little longer.

On Wednesday it looked like the Cowboys were going to finally release Tony Romo and allow him to find a new home for the 2017 season and beyond.

Then Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones decided to throw a curve ball on Thursday by changing his mind and putting it out there that they will no longer release Romo but only trade him.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report says Texans head coach Bill O’Brien “loves” Romo.

Despite the fact that the Texans were able to free up some cap room by trading Brock Osweiler, they will not be trading for Romo.

There’s no reason for the Texans or even the Denver Broncos to trade for Romo.  There’s almost no market for him.  It also doesn’t help when he’s about to turn 38 years-old and hasn’t played a full season since 2014. The Cowboys are desperate to not have to eat the cap hit that goes along with releasing Romo.

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Trading draft picks for Romo just doesn’t make sense and both Texans general manager Rick Smith and Broncos general manager John Elway are too smart to trade for him.

If the Texans are unable to sign Romo, I believe they will look to draft a quarterback within the first two rounds of this year’s NFL draft.

As of right now, I believe Tom Savage will be the Texans’ starter going into week one, with Brandon Weeden as his back up.