Report: Tony Romo continues to be linked to Texans, Broncos at combine

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It continues to sound like the Dallas Cowboys will have to release quarterback Tony Romo.

As the clock continues to tick closer towards the start of the new NFL league year, the Cowboys will soon need to release Tony Romo.

As much as some teams would love to acquire Romo, no one wants his contract and the Pro Bowl quarterback wants to decide where he plays next.

Todd Archer of ESPN is reporting that the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos continue to be brought up as the top two places Romo will end up.

"In private discussions with executives and coaches from teams across the league, Romo’s future destination kept coming back to two teams: the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans.Others mentioned the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and even the Jacksonville Jaguars."

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Romo has only met with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once so far since last season ended.

"Romo and Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones have had one postseason meeting in which they discussed every scenario: release, trade, retirement and remaining with the Cowboys. The Cowboys have not allowed Romo’s agents a chance to seek a deal, although that could be a step to what appears to be an inevitable separation."

If and when Romo gets released, the big question is, how much will he get as a free agent?

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report says it could be $6-8 million a year, which is certainly affordable for the Texans.

Peter King of The MMQB mentioned last week that he believes Romo will quickly sign with him next team.

“I have to think sometime within the next few days,” replied King when asked when the Cowboys will release Romo. “There’s no way the Cowboys can do anything in my opinion but release him and most likely release him with that June one designation. And if they do that, I think that Romo ends up doing something fairly quickly. Whether it’s Houston, whether it’s Kansas City, Denver or whether it’s a surprise team. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to get this thing done fairly quickly. Especially in my opinion if it’s going to be a situation where he’s going to have to learn a totally new offense.”

If and when the Cowboys release Romo, it won’t happen until the new NFL league year begins this Thursday since that’s when they can cut him with a June 1st designation.  This allows them to spread out the cap hit.