Tony Romo could be released within the next 2 weeks

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Tony Romo’s time with the Dallas Cowboys will soon be over.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network gave an update on Tony Romo’s situation with the Dallas Cowboys.

“There’s some talk that he could be released in the next two weeks now…If he’s not going to be traded, it doesn’t help Romo if he’s not put out there on the market to fully explore all of his options. And I maintain that the Cowboys are going to try to do the right thing by Romo. They will also try to do the best thing by them. And if they can also do the best thing by Romo, yeah sure that will be an ideal situation,” said Garafolo.

During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday, Peter King of The MMQB said he believes Romo will be released and that he’ll quickly sign with another team.

“I have to think sometime within the next few days,” replied King when asked when the Cowboys will release Romo. “There’s no way the Cowboys can do anything in my opinion but release him and most likely release him with that June one designation. And if they do that, I think that Romo ends up doing something fairly quickly. Whether it’s Houston, whether it’s Kansas City, Denver or whether it’s a surprise team. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to get this thing done fairly quickly. Especially in my opinion if it’s going to be a situation where he’s going to have to learn a totally new offense.”

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If Romo does get released and he signs with another team quickly, as of right now the Denver Broncos are considered the favorites.

“At this point judging from the teams that are available, given Clark Hunt’s comments to the Kansas City Star that Alex Smith is going to be the Chiefs quarterback for 2017, it seems the Broncos are clearly in the drivers seat now in the potential free agent Tony Romo sweepstakes, if he is willing to take a pay cut from the $13 million or $14 million he was due this year. It seems like the Broncos and then it seems like everyone else,” said Rapoport.

While it makes sense for the Texans to try and sign Romo, right now it looks like the odds are that he will end up playing for the Broncos.

The one thing that helps the Broncos is the fact that they have $43 million in cap space, where as the Texans only have $24 million.  Denver can make a much more appealing offer to Romo once he hits the open market.

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