Texans might be able to get Jimmy Garoppolo for 2nd round pick

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The Houston Texans may not have to give up much in order to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo.

One of the biggest mysteries this offseason is what the New England Patriots will be able to get in return for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo if they do in fact decide to trade him.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe believes the Patriots will only be able to get a second round pick in return for Garoppolo.

"He might be the next big thing, but Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere for a few years, and we believe the wheels for a Garoppolo trade were set in motion when the Patriots drafted Jacoby Brissett in the third round last year. Surrounding Brady with talent should be the Patriots’ top priority, and they have a valuable asset in Garoppolo. Trading him before the draft, rather than in training camp, is a must — a player today is more valuable than a player tomorrow. The three teams we’ve mentioned all along still appear to be the most likely trade partners — Cleveland, Chicago, and San Francisco. The history of trading quarterbacks with only a few NFL starts says that the Patriots should expect a second-round pick in return. Matt Cassel (15 starts) was packaged with Mike Vrabel and fetched a second-rounder; Kevin Kolb (seven starts) a second-rounder and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie; and Matt Schaub (two starts) two second-rounders and a swap of first-rounders. The Browns hold two first-round picks (Nos. 1 and 12), and the Patriots should absolutely try to get No. 12 for Garoppolo. But if they can only get a second-rounder, the Patriots should still bite — New England holds the 32nd pick, while the Browns have 33, the 49ers 34, and the Bears 36. The Patriots could be sitting pretty in the draft with two picks in the 30s."

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I agree with Volin.  If the Patriots can get a second round pick for Garoppolo, they better pull the trigger and get the deal done now.

Garoppolo only had a few good games and still has a lot to prove in the NFL.  I’m not sure how the Pats can expect to get more than a second rounder in return for him.

Not to mention that the Patriots won’t be able to re-sign Garoppolo next year when he gets ready to become a free agent.

Now of course New England could place the franchise tag on Garoppolo, but can they really afford to pay two starting quarterbacks?  I don’t think so.

If the Texans do in fact want Garoppolo, they might fail at being able to get a trade done.  The Chicago Bears have been strongly linked to him and they have a higher second round pick than the Texans.  Getting a deal done with Chicago would ultimately be a more attractive deal for New England.

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