Dan Graziano: Tony Romo could be perfect match for Texans

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Dan Graziano of ESPN has already said he believes Tony Romo will end up with the Houston Texans.

Now Graziano has come out and explained why he believes Romo is a perfect match for the Texans.

“This is a team. They have Brock Osweiler. But they can’t get rid of him yet. They have to go another year, maybe he develops before they decide whether to cut him,” said Graziano.

“You add Romo and if Brock Osweiler can’t rebound, can’t get it done, Romo can play. But you have someone in Osweiler who has started NFL games. Who you once felt pretty good about and sometimes still do.”

“Tony Romo is probably not going to play 16 games for whichever team he signs with next year. This assumes the Cowboys can’t get him traded and have to release him. I don’t think anyone is going to trade for that contract,” said Graziano.

“But I think if he goes to Houston, that’s a team that makes the playoffs and consistently gets done in by poor quarterback play. That’s a team that looks and goes, ‘man if we could just get something at the quarterback position, we could be a Super Bowl contender.'” That’s a team that will look at Tony Romo and think he can help.”

I agree with Graziano and I believe the Texans have to be the most attractive team for Romo given all of the talent they have.

The Broncos are another good team for Romo.  But everyone knows John Elway would rather have Paxton Lynch or even Trevor Siemien as his starting quarterback.

When it comes to the Texans, Romo would be the guy despite’s Osweiler’s presence because of how poorly Brock played last season.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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