Does Johnny Manziel make sense for the Texans?

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Johnny Manziel could soon be back in the NFL and the Houston Texans might make sense for the former Browns first round pick.

Manziel has been working hard to clean up his image lately and reports have come out that he plans on trying to get back into the NFL this year.

Alex Marvez of Sporting News has some details on Manziel and his NFL comeback attempt:

"A source told Sporting News that Manziel soon plans to volunteer for testing under the NFL’s drug policy as part of his comeback attempt.Manziel wasn’t in the NFL last season when the league levied a four-game suspension for violating its ban on recreational drugs. He also stopped taking NFL drug tests when out of football."

It’s huge that Manziel is openly willing to be drug tested as much as the NFL wants. This shows just how serious he is about getting his life back together after battling drug and alcohol addiction.

When it comes to Manziel being an option for the Texans and their quarterback issues, it could be what both sides need.

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If Manziel were to sign with Houston, he would at least be back in his home state and closer to family and friends that can support him in his new life of sobriety.

When it comes to Manziel’s talent, he didn’t play that bad for the Browns while abusing alcohol and drugs.  Imagine how good he could be with his life on the straight and narrow as he puts in the hard work to be the best NFL quarterback he can be.

In 2015 Manziel completed 57.8 percent of his passes and threw for 1,500 yard with seven touchdowns and five interceptions. Not bad at all for someone playing for arguably the NFL’s worst team in the Browns.

The best part for any team that signs Manziel is that I can’t imagine any organization having to pay much more than the league minimum. If anything, it would be an incentive laden contract that would be very cap friendly for a team that will only have $25 million to spend this offseason, like the Texans.

I’m not saying the Texans should sign Manziel so they can hand him the starting job.  It just wouldn’t hurt to bring him in to compete with Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage.

Chime in below in the comments section and give your thoughts on Manziel.  Would he be good for the Texans?

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