Chris Harris Jr.: Texans can keep Brock Osweiler

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. doesn’t miss having Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler on his team.

During an interview with Houston radio station KILT (610 AM) this past week leading up to tomorrow’s Super Bowl, Harris was asked if the Broncos want Osweiler back after a tough season with Trevor Siemien.

“Nah man, y’all can definitely have him,” Harris said, via Texans Wire. “Y’all can have Brock now.”

The hosts of the show as well as Harris then started laughing.

“Ya’ll were very hyped around this time last year in March,” said Harris while laughing.

The radio host then said that Osweiler took care of the Broncos during his time there.

“No, we took care of him,” responded Harris.

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Wow, some harsh words from Harris, but so far it looks like he’s right. Denver’s defense helped Osweiler out a lot as did the offensive weapons around him.

You have to give Broncos general manager John Elway some credit, he knew what he was doing when he let Osweiler walk as a free agent.

You have to wonder what the Texans saw that made them throw a bunch of money at Osweiler. Now it looks like they were a desperate team hoping to strike it rich with a free agent quarterback that wasn’t even highly sought after by his own team.

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