Houston Texans Morning Huddle–Preseason Schedule Released


Here are your daily Houston Texans stories for Thursday:

Texans Preseason Schedule Released by Yoni Pollak, House of Houston

"The Houston Texans preseason schedule was released last week and it includes one nationally televised game.The Texans will start the preseason on the road against the San Francisco 49’ers. Starters typically play a series or two in the first game. New head coach Chip Kelly and his team’s speed will be a nice first test for the Texans."

Find me when the regular season schedule is released. Oh wait, that’s tonight! That’ll be exciting. Just please don’t have the season opener be against the Chiefs. Save them for week 8 or something like that after there’s been sufficient time to recover from the playoff beatdown.

Texans Needs Prior to the Draft by Frank Cooney, CBS Sports

"When the NFL Draft begins first-round selections in Chicago on April 28, the Houston Texans have the No. 22 pick in the first round.The Texans already signed quarterback Brock Osweiler away from the Denver Broncos, which could cost $72 million over four years and they signed running back Lamar Miller, who will get up to $26 million over four years.But they still need to boost the offensive line to help both those newcomers and Osweiler might appreciate help at tight end and wide receiver."

Still some division on which position the Texans should address. Some say receiver, others say defensive line.

Jonathan Grimes: Undrafted to New Contract by Deepi Sidhu, Houstontexans.com

"Four years ago, Jonathan Grimes sat in his New Jersey kitchen waiting for a phone call that would never come during the 2012 NFL Draft. Born and raised in Palmyra, Grimes recalls being with his family, not as surprised about being undrafted as he was about what would happen next.“I was kind of getting the gist that I’d probably be undrafted so I was ready for that, but that day my phone started blowing up,” Grimes said Tuesday on Texans Radio. “As soon as the draft was over, teams were calling because they wanted me to come out there. You go from wanting to be picked to alright, you’ve got to pick a team to go to and it was stressful.”"

One of many stories that prove with hard work you can make it in this league.