Houston Texans: Matthew Stafford an option at quarterback?


The Detroit Lions look like a team ready to clean house after dumping their offensive coordinator, general manager and team president so far this season. After starting off 1-7, there will probably be more casualties when the 2015 season comes to an end.

While many assume that head coach Jim Caldwell is a dead man walking, another prominent member of the team is said to have his future in Detroit in serious doubt.

Per NFL insider Ian Rapaport  quarterback Matthew Stafford may not be in the future plans for the Detroit Lions due to the tough season the team is undergoing.

"“He has no guaranteed money after this year,” Rapaport said. “Now, if they do cut him (entering 2016), it would cost $11 million of dead money, essentially money they’re paying to have him not on the roster.”"

Stafford has had somewhat of an up and down tenure since being taken first overall in 2009. Still he has almost 24,000 yards with 144 career touchdowns to 96 interceptions.

In what served as his breakout season in 2011, the strong-armed Stafford went for 5,038 yards and had 41 touchdowns. Just last year he threw 4,257 yards with 22 touchdowns to just 12 picks as he seemed to have become a more efficient passer. The team finished 11-5 but lost in controversial fashion in their wild card playoff game agains the Dallas Cowboys.

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The Lions still looked like a team on the rise, but this year the wheels fell off in the first half of the season. Stafford already has thrown 11 picks, but the problem’s aren’t all on him as he still has completed 64 percent of his passes and has 13 touchdown passes.

It doesn’t seem like the team should move on from Stafford, and chances are they let their coach go and see if a new head coach can work with the talented player. Stranger things have happened though, so there is a possibility that Stafford is available should the season fail to improve for Detroit.

The Houston Texans should roll out the red carpet for Stafford if Detroit does decide to hit the reset button. The kid from Dallas would be able to return to his home state and be paired with DeAndre Hopkins during his prime. Also at just 27-years of age, Matt has plenty of years left in the NFL.

The results could be similar to the 2011 season when Lion’s receiver Calvin Johnson was at his peak and Stafford threw it to him early and often.

Stafford would be quite an upgrade over current starter Brian Hoyer, and would have the best pedigree of any quarterback on the team since David Carr. Don’t worry, things wouldn’t turn out like they did with Carr, Stafford is a proven commodity.

In his career he has had a knack for throwing a pick or two at the wrong times, but so has Hoyer. Where Matt Stafford outshines Hoyer is that he has shown the ability to throw for 40 touchdown in a season and has the confidence to get the ball downfield at any time.

So please Lions, keep on cleaning house. Stafford won’t be out of work long at all.