DeAndre Hopkins: Receiver’s dominance lost in team’s slow start


ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network. It doesn’t matter which of these stations you turn on, the radio sports and television networks are all salivating over the start to the season wide receiver Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is having.

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While everyone is right, Julio has been amazing, there is one thing being ignored in all of this. The Houston Texans have a receiver either on the heels, or ahead of Julio in every category.

DeAndre Hopkins after five games in on an absolute tear this season, shredding any doubt that he was ready to take over for recently departed Andre Johnson as the top dog in the Texans receiving corps. His totals are an impressive 42 receptions (second in the NFL behind Jones who has 43) for 578 yards (1st in the NFL ahead of Jones who has 545 yards) and three touchdowns (tied for ninth in the NFL but just one behind Jones).

Jones is obviously getting all the love because his team is undefeated, and Hopkins is putting up wild numbers for a team that sits at 1-4, but still the work of the young man from Clemson deserves much more attention.

Not only is he performing out of his mind on a team that is struggling to win, but they also cannot decide on a quarterback as for the third time this season there will be a new guy  starting. That is a startling fact considering there are only two guys to chose from and the team can’t figure out who is better (or maybe figuring out which guy is worse is the real problem).

For Hopkins it is unfair that so much praise is being placed on Jones in the NFL and especially fantasy circles while he gets ignored. Despite his team’s rough start, he deserves plenty of credit for showing up and fighting hard each and every day.

Attention is paid to players like defensive end J.J. Watt for being a hard worker that gets results without much help. After a remarkable start, it is time DeAndre gets that same attention, because this guy is quickly becoming one of the best in the game at what he does.

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