Houston Texans: Glass half full? Titans and Jaguars both lose


The Houston Texans have a long week to get ready for their next game against an AFC South opponent. Playing in the Thursday night game this week gives them a sort of “mini-bye” as they prepare to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road October 18th.

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The game against Jacksonville is all of a sudden a very important game for the Texans as falling to 1-5 would all but kill any hope of a decent season.

I know 1-4 isn’t anything to be too excited about either, but the fact is Houston is still tied for second place in the AFC South after Tennessee and Jacksonville lost yet again.

After falling behind 20-7, the Jags made a great comeback, only to fall 38-31 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Tennessee Titans looked to be on the way to winning a defensive battle until the Buffalo Bills squeaked by 14-13.

As it stands now only Indianapolis has more than one win in the South as they sit at 3-2. Yet all three of their wins were by one score and came against the Texans, Titans and Jags. So once again, the Colts are dominating the South while performing mediocre in the rest of their games.

The Colts have games against the Patriots, Saints, Panthers, Broncos and Falcons in their next five games. It is not inconceivable that they could go 1-4 in this stretch, especially considering the Pats, Broncos, Panthers and Falcons are all undefeated at the moment.

For Houston, they face the one-win Jags, the mess of a franchise Miami and the Titans over their next three games. The following two games are against the Bengals and Jets.

There is a chance the Texans could go 3-2 or possibly 4-1 in that stretch (the Jets appear to be the wild card here).

The NFL is constantly changing. Three weeks ago the Colts were dead in the water. Now after handling three teams with a combined three wins, everyone assumes all is good in Indy.

Looking at the schedule coming up, feelings about how they stand, as well as how the Texans stand could be drastically different.

So keep your head up Texans fans, the week started rough, but at least Tennessee and Jacksonville lost. And they are both coming up very soon.

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