Arian Foster: Reports say return could be Week 4 or earlier


Want some positive news just ahead of the weekend Texans fans? Well Jayson Braddock of ESPN 97.5 Houston is reporting that star running back Arian Foster could be back on the field for the Houston Texans sometime between Week 2 – Week 4.

Foster underwent surgery to repair a torn groin muscle on August 8th and initially it appeared that short-term injury reserve would be the most likely destination for the veteran rusher, which would have put him out of action until midseason.

Then reports suggested he could return earlier than expected, making the IR seem like less of a possibility. Now hearing the news that Foster is working out and a September return date is possible paints an even better picture, giving a much more optimistic outlook on the season.

While reserve runner Alfred Blue performed admirably at times as a rookie in 2014 and had a good first preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, he doesn’t scare defenses the way Foster does.

Blue proved how valuable Foster was when he struggled to get going in Week 2 of the preseason against the Denver Broncos. Blue’s up and down two week span was a reminder that Foster is the picture of consistency. He averages 4.5 yards per carry in his career, while never going lower than 4.1 yards or higher than 4.9 yards per rush in a season.

Having one of the most consistent backs in the NFL lining up behind the quarterback is always a plus no matter how well his replacement performs at times.

The only question after his return will be if Foster can stay healthy for the remainder of the year. He has missed 11 games the past two years, while failing to finish a few other contests due to injury.

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