Bill O’Brien: Not everyone a fan of his harsh vocabulary


For those of you who are unaware, the Houston Texans are the featured team on the HBO series “Hard Knocks.” Through the first two episodes head coach Bill O’Brien has become quite a star for his interesting vocabulary and surprising sense of humor.

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One person however does not approve of the language the coach chooses to use and that person is none other than Anne O’Brien, the coach’s mom. Now in defense of the second year coach, he did ask his mother not to tune in due to his foul language, but according to KHOU 11, she has watched despite Bill’s warning.

"It turns out his mom is watching and has some thoughts about her son’s starring role. Namely, she wishes there wasn’t so much profanity.“I think it’s one thing when you’re coaching the kids and involved in football and practices,” said Anne O’Brien, Bill O’Brien’s mother.She says it’s another thing when the whole world is watching, adding that the profanity just isn’t her boy.“To be honest with you, he doesn’t talk like that when he’s home at all. Well, he’s never talked that way around me,” she said."

The last line is great when she says he never talks like that around her. Obviously coach Bill, who knows how to keep his players in line with his demeanor, still has one person that can get the best out of him. I’m sure there will be some apologizing to Anne when the coach comes home for the holidays.

Although, I do wish they asked Mrs. O’Brien how she felt about Rick Ross.

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