Texans poll: how will the 2015 season end?


Well Texans fans have been called “delusional” for feeling excited about the upcoming football season. I personally picked them to finish either 9-7 or 10-6 this season, so I may fall in the same category of those not thinking straight.

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But let’s be honest, each and every team in the NFL has a fan base right now that is pretty optimistic about their chances at a successful 2015 season. However, the term success means different things for each franchise.

A 9-7 season that finds you outside the playoff picture was seen pretty much as a success for the Houston Texans. Put that same record and lack of post season on the shoulders of the New England, Seattle or Green Bay fan bases and the year would have been a complete waste.

So today as the Texans report for training camp we can begin to look ahead and not only predict wins and losses, but also what would determine a successful second season in Houston for head coach Bill O’Brien and his staff.

Is it still a success if they finish 9-7 and miss the playoffs? Or does the team have to take that next step. I believe for Houston to feel like they are still progressing, the post season is a must this year. Barely missing the playoffs again or finishing with a losing record would make the many offseason moves look questionable if no improvement is made at all.

Now I will turn it over to you, the fans. Let us know in the poll below what you believe will be the way the season ends for Houston and comment at the bottom for whether or not your prediction would mean a successful year.

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