Texans Morning Huddle: Clowney looking ‘spectacular’


Good morning Texans fans! Once again the ‘Morning Huddle’ is here to bring you all the news possible on the Houston Texans. Today we get a progress report on one injured player while looking at who can help the star of the Texans’ franchise.

Texans doctor upbeat on Jadeveon Clowney 7 months after surgery – by Tania Ganguli of ESPN

"Houston Texans outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney “looks spectacular” seven months removed from microfracture surgery, according to Texans team physician Dr. Walt Lowe.Lowe offered that analysis in an interview with Forbes.com.Clowney was limited to four games his rookie year after being selected first overall in the draft. He suffered a lateral right meniscus tear in the Texans’ 2014 season opener.He had arthroscopic knee surgery the next day and attempted to return to the field in the following month.Continued swelling in his knee and pain eventually made clear the arthroscopic surgery was not sufficient. Due to articular cartilage damage, Clowney underwent microfracture surgery on Dec. 8.The second surgery ended his season.The surgery involves creating tiny fractures in the bones surrounding the knee to increase blood flow to the area and aid the recovery of the cartilage. It also requires a demanding and disciplined rehab schedule.As part of that rehab, the Texans have used blood flow restriction therapy, which is designed to minimize muscle deficits early in rehab."

Report: Texans star Arian Foster’s wife files for divorce – via the Houston Chronicle

"Texans star Arian Foster’s wife is seeking to end their four-year marriage, TMZ reported Monday.Romina Lombardo Foster told the website “After much thought and soul searching, I have made the difficult decision to end our marriage.”The couple has two children. Arian Foster told TMZ the split is “on extremely good terms.”“After 4 years of marriage, it has been nothing but a gift,” Foster said. “I’m extremely grateful for the wife, mother and person she was to myself and our children. I will continue to be here and support her wholeheartedly on her next journey as I’m sure she’ll do the same for me.\“We have two beautiful children that are the center and focal point for both of our lives and I’m forever thankful that we crossed paths. At this time please respect the privacy of her, myself and most importantly our children.”"

Shutdown Countdown: J.J. Watt is great, but Texans need more – by Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports

"Arguing that J.J. Watt shouldn’t have been MVP last season because the Houston Texans didn’t make the playoffs is one of the dumbest I’ve heard.The fact that the 2014 Texans somehow went 9-7 should have been the first reason to vote for Watt. It was a one-man miracle the Texans had a winning record.OK, maybe more than one man. Running back Arian Foster was very good, and it’s pretty clear receiver DeAndre Hopkins is a star. And who else?Aside from Watt, Houston had two defensive players rank in the top 22 of their respective positions by Pro Football Focus’ grades last year: cornerback Kareem Jackson (11th) and inside linebacker Mike Mohamed (18th). And, sure, the offensive line was really good too. But because Watt didn’t somehow make the four (!) quarterbacks who played for the Texans better and get them over nine wins, he wasn’t the MVP. That makes sense.It’s tough to gauge the Texans coming into this season. Watt is a transcendent player, and if his next few years are anything like his first four we’ll have to start comparing him with Dick Butkus, Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor and any others in the argument for greatest defensive player ever. But what else really excites you about this team?"

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