Houston Texans’ Training Camp Schedule


At long last, the NFL has released all teams’ training camp schedules, including the Houston Texans. Mark your calendars, we are officially within range of obsessing over football each week without appearing hopelessly insane. Well, most of us, at least.

"Texans rookie report date: July 26thTexans veteran report date: July 31stJoint practices with the Washington Redskins: August 6th-8thSeason Opener vs San Francisco: August 15th"

I’m sure HBO is equally excited as we are nervous that head coach Bill O’Brien has yet to declare the 2015 starting quarterback for the Houston squad. Still though, this has to put them on the clock, in terms of having alternate story lines ready to put to use.

It will be exciting to watch the team merge into one unit over the last few weeks before cuts are dolled out, as 2015 will undoubtedly give us a much clearer picture of where the Bill O’Brien era will lead us.

So seriously, whoever is holding out on making time travel available for the public, please cease witholding and progress us forward with much haste. This offseason has felt particularly long with the loss of veterans Andre Johnson and Chris Myers, and although we’ve seen general manager Risk Smith take a page out of Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s book by aggressively adding Vince Wilfork, Cecil Shorts III and Nate Washington, Texans fans across the board feel on-edge with anticipation toward the new members.

So enough talking, let’s see what they can do.

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