Houston Texans Offseason Is Priming For Great Year


Get excited football and Houston Texans fans, the regular season is nearly here. Okay, maybe not that close, but training camp is coming up quickly, and that’s of course the next stepping stone to the regular season.

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OTAs are wrapping up. The Houston Texans website did a great job of wrapping up a lot of what has happened already this year in this video.

The Texans have the “honor” of hosting the TV show Hard Knocks, and this is bringing a lot of attention to the team. What’s brought even more attention is the announcement that head coach Bill O’Brien believes that Jadeveon Clowney will be ready to play week one.

O’Brien also took the opportunity speaking with media to announce a personnel change, announcing that George Godsey will be the new offensive coordinator of the team, despite him not doing much differently than last year.

What was interesting about the announcement was the O’Brien said there’s a lot about Godsey that we can’t see, and that reporters can’t even see, because it’s all behind the scenes. O’Brien then alluded to the TV show, saying that we would all see the drive Godsey has and the demand he has of his players, once it airs.

In a way, I think this attention is good for the team. OTAs are just finishing up, but already, the team is attracting attention from fans of the Texans, and even fans of other teams, looking to get the inside scoop as the TV show comes up.

Of course, popularity won’t win games, however we did hear lots of players express their excitement for the training camp, even though the cameras will be around.

A big area of excitement is the joint practices between the Texans and Washington Redskins, and players like J.J. Watt expressed their happiness to be heading to Richmond, Virginia, to meet up with Washington. O’Brien said he’s a big believer in these types of practices, and believes it brings out the competiveness for players.

I’m excited for the Texans to have these practices as well. Truly, it does promote some competition between teams, and that’s going to be a great mindset to have before the preseason even starts.

This competition that the joint practices bring, as well as the motivation of having cameras around, and the new coaching position will all come together and give the Texans a great overall offseason.

I’m believing that all of these things will combine and truly create an effective offseason for the Texans, setting them up well for the regular season.

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