Prediction: Brian Hoyer Will Be Named Texans Starting Quarterback


As Organized Team Activities (OTA’s) come to a conclusion, in my opinion I think that the Texans Quarterback position battle has already been settled. I predict Coach Bill O’Brien spoke about the performance of his quarterbacks in Friday’s press conference. When asked about what traits he looks for  when evaluating these quarterbacks, O’brien  stated:

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“We look at a lot of different things. We look at how they are in the meetings, how alert they are in the meetings, and both these guys have been really good in our meetings, whether it’s a unit meeting, a team meeting, or a position meeting. We look at how they practice out on the field. What type of decisions do they make? Are they good decisions? Are they poor decisions relative to what we’ve coached them? Are they decisions that are going to help the team, you know, help the team win the game, score a touchdown, kick a field goal, or just manage the game? Reserve the right to punt in some of these situations that we work on in practice. I would say that both guys have shown us they can be the starter. I don’t think there’s a situation here where one guy has just been that much better on any given day than the other guy. They both practice very well. I think it’s helped our team. Our team has practiced well because the ball comes out very well, very quickly and accurately. These guys command at the line of scrimmage. Both these guys know how to run an offensive huddle in pro football. They’re leaders, so I think it’s helped our team. Like I said, when the timing is right, when I feel good about who that guy is going to be, we’ll make a decision.”

Folks, if you can read between the lines, I think that Hoyer is the guy that he wants instead of Ryan Mallett. I’m sorry to disappoint the members of the “Mallett Maniacs” fan club, but Hoyer is the guy who gets your team in and out of the huddle with presence, focus and direction. When I think of the Texans quarterback situation, the analogy that comes to mind is a father who will not allow his daughter to date the “cool kid” at school.