Houston Texans Have To Consider Evan Mathis


The Houston Texans have got to improve their offensive side of their trench warfare. It’s just that simple. Teams who win, have a running and passing game that is designed around a capable squad who can protect, block and move the pile when called upon.

With the release of longtime veteran Chris Myers, the Texans appeared to be willing to play the odds that Ben Jones is ready for the spotlight of center in the NFL. And to be fair, it’s not a new position to Jones but you’d have to agree, the NFL is on a whole different level.

That’s not the scariest move to have to rely on, however. Moving Jones over forces second year guard Xavier Su’a-Filo to start in Jones’ place as left guard. That’s where the deepest gasps and grinding teeth comes from.

After a not so impressive first season, their are some legitimate doubts to be had over Su’a-Filo moving into a starting spot without the full confidence of someone more experience, maybe someone like guard Evan Mathis, who was just released by the Eagles.

It’s no secret that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is not scared to cut players and take big risks and as of this past week, it was Mathis who was most recently on the chopping block. Mathis apparently wanted more money and Kelly was not willing to play around and decided to make the switch and allow his O-line to adjust to the move as early one as possible.

Enter the Texans.

Could we afford Mathis in our salary cap? Barely, but yes.

If you’re head coach Bill O’Brien and you’re looking to improve on a 9-7 first year record and more importantly, be playing deep into January, then you have to be seriously considering approaching Mathis with a serious deal in mind.

With all of your rookies signed and your practice squad set, going into mini camp, one would have to ponder, if you don’t spend big now, then when? Who else is available who could at least add some depth to your inexperienced left guard position?

The only plausible reason I could see not trying to pitch Evan Mathis on moving down south would be if the Texans’ organization is still preferring to get Chris Myers back and keep Ben Jones where he was, or at least have Myers ready if the new combo fails rapidly.

Either way, the clock is ticking and the Texans are not the only team who would be willing to nab up an experienced guard who’s looking for a new home.

And plus, has anyone told Mathis how good Texas buffets are? Sounds like a fit to me.

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