Poll: Texans To Top 9-7 This Season


The Houston Texans had a terrible season in 2013 where the team finished a league worst 2-13 on the year. They let go of head coach Gary Kubiak, defensive coordinator and interim head coach Wade Phillips and quarterback Matt Schaub.

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The replacements for the 2014 season were head coach Bill O’Brien, defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and to replace Schaub, they needed four different quarterbacks. This wasn’t the plan of course, but injuries to starter Ryan Fitzpatrick and his replacement Ryan Mallett led the team to have to insert rookie Tom Savage and the guy they cut for Mallett, Case Keenum.

Another hit the team took was when they lost the first overall draft selection, linebacker Jadeveon Clowney. The South Carolina star was supposed to pair with defensive end J.J. Watt and become the most feared pass rushing duo. Instead Clowney never recorded a sack, and now there are serious question about how we will look going forward.

Even with the revolving door at the most important position and the loss of first overall pick, the Texans pulled off a 9-7 record, and just slightly missed the playoffs. Now with a year under his belt and hopefully better luck in the health department, O’Brien looks to guide the Texans even further in 2015.

Assuming the starting quarterback this year, whether it is Mallett or newcomer Brian Hoyer, stays healthy, do you believe that Houston can surpass their win total from 2014? Let us know in the poll below!

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