Texans Morning Huddle – 5/18 Edition


Well, it’s Monday morning yet again Texans fans. While it’s most likely none of us are huge fans of that alarm clock which interrupted our peaceful slumber recently, we are all fans of the Houston Texans. So, to make us all a little happier about having to be awake on a Monday, let’s check out what’s going on with our beloved franchise.

Puerto Rico Postcards:Snorkeling– From Houston Texans.com

"Houston Texans Cheerleaders Randi and Sarah F. went snorkeling off of Palomino Island in this Puerto Rico Postcard, provided by El Conquistador, A Waldorf Astoria Resort."

D.J. Swearinger’s Release Shows Texans Value Intangibles – By Rivers McCown of Bleacher Report

"I don’t know that we’ll ever know the full extent of the reasons for Swearinger‘s release. I can tell you that, taken as a pure football move, this is a puzzling conclusion. The Texans needed a good safety and had a player who struggled in 2014 but was still young enough to be molded. Perhaps Swearinger needed the wake-up call. It’s yet another sign that the Texans value things in players that statistics will never grasp. Work effort, team-first attitude and the like."

Stevie Brown At Home In Houston – By Deepi Sidhu

"Now entering his fifth NFL season, Brown (5-11, 215) can play both roles at safety. The Texans label them left and right safeties versus strong and free. He’s also had experience playing linebacker during his senior year at the University of Michigan, something that the Romeo Crennel’s defense often requires. His versatility has given him a big picture understanding of everyone’s role, not just on the back end but the entire defense. The 27-year-old is now looking forward to reaping the benefits of a defensive line headlined by Watt’s pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Knowing that the NFL Defensive Player of the Year is up front makes his job easier."