Houston Texans Complete 2015 Draft Preview

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“Draft day, Johnny Manziel“… The time is finally here! In a span of just seconds, an entire team’s direction can drastically change. The NFL draft is full of unexpected moves every year, so expect the unexpected. The guaranteed “top 10” player can fall to the end of the first round, a team can boldly trade up, or a team can pick the “off the field issue” guy early in the first. This is what makes the NFL draft one of the most exciting days of the sports year.

If you haven’t been able to keep up with the endless reports, rumors, and trades, this draft guide will get you up to date just before Roger Goodell gets booed as he walks up to introduce the first pick. This draft guide will cover the Texans offseason losses, offseason acquisitions, the depth chart, the biggest team needs, players to watch for all 32 teams, the seven round Texans mock draft, and the Texans upcoming schedule. This IS the article you will want to refer to as you watch the NFL draft.

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