Less Than One Hour Till The Texans Know Their 2015 Schedule


We may have known since shortly after the season ended who the opponents would be in 2015 that the Houston Texans would be facing. Now all 32 franchises are about to find out exactly what dates they will match up with their slated opponents.

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The Texans are coming off a 9-7 season under first year head coach Bill O’Brien, which is much improved from the 2-14 record they put together in former coach Gary Kubiak’s final season.

Unfortunately for the Texans, things will be tougher this season than last, after finishing second, they will now face second place teams Cincinnati and Kansas City, as opposed to competing agains the teams that finished last.

It isn’t always true however that this makes for a tougher schedule, most teams who saw the 2-14 Texans on their schedule last season had no clue what a tough game that would wind up being. Still it is fun to see when each team is going to visit and when Houston will visit their opponents.

It’s also fun to see which games made it to primetime, whether there is any Monday night or Thursday night football in our future, etc.

Road trips can be planned an predictions can be made! In less than one hour, the schedule will be released and the season will feel like it is about to begin. To hold you over until 8:00 EST, here is a list of the opponents the Texans will face this year;


New England
New York Jets
Kansas City
New Orleans
Tampa Bay



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