Don’t Ask DeAndre Hopkins About Andre Johnson


The Houston Texans have moved on from the third overall pick in the 2003 NFL draft and former face of their franchise, receiver Andre Johnson. Andre has moved on from the Texans as he signed a deal with the division rival Indianapolis Colts.

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Another person who has moved on is last years leader in receiving yards for Houston, wide out DeAndre Hopkins. The soon-to-be 23 year-old Hopkins was picked in the first round a full ten years after Johnson and he appears ready to do two things this season; take on the role of a leader, and not speak about Andre Johnson.

When reporters approached Hopkins after the first day of the offseason training program any question which mentioned the name of Andre was met with a “no comment” by Hopkins. He was asked how it felt to not have Johnson as well as how he feels being the top receiver without him. Both received the same reply.

Hopkins did have more to say when talking about his current teammates at receiver, and while he couldn’t help but refer to the departed receiver, he only mentioned him by number.

"“I told those guys they could come to me,” Hopkins said.  “Coaches are going to help them transition into this offense, but a lot of wide receivers in there look up to me because we don’t have 80 here anymore.  I like that chip on my shoulder.”"

Not sure what he meant by chip on his shoulder, but it is interesting to see his refusal to address Johnson by name or speak of him at all. Perhaps there was more tension between the face of the Texans and the youngster taking his spotlight than originally known.

Whatever the reason for the lack of comment, it will be fun to watch the young receiver try and grow in his new role as the top guy for Houston. It may be even more fun to see Andre and DeAndre trying to one up each other when the two teams play each other this season.

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