Texans Preseason: Which Game Excites You More?


The 2015 preseason schedule for the Houston Texans was recently announced and two of the opponents immediately stick out. The Texans will host the Denver Broncos and former head coach Gary Kubiak in week two and will travel to Dallas in week four.

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Each game has some intrigue surrounding it, and in preseason games that always helps. The added benefit of playing the Denver Broncos lies in the fact that it will be the first time Kubiak returns as a head coach (he did visit Houston last year as the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens).

There is more to win for Kubiak it would seem, as he has a chance to show the team that fired him in 2013 that he can still be a successful head coach. As for current Texans coach Bill O’Brien, he doesn’t have as much to prove as his predecessor. Taking a 2-14 team and coaching them up to 9-7 in one year is proof enough of his abilities.

The other game which brings attention is the preseason finale where the Houston Texans will travel to AT&T stadium to face their in-state rival, the Dallas Cowboys.

Each preseason that the two teams do not meet in the regular season they meet for a chance to win the Governer’s Cup. While it is mostly for bragging rights, the Texans are trailing the ‘Boys 6-5, but have the preseason edge 4-3.

The only time the Texans beat Dallas in the regular season was their inaugural game, September 8, 2002. Rookie quarterback David Carr and the Texans out-dueled Cowboys 2nd-round bust of a quarterback Quincy Carter and the young franchise won 19-10.

While a victory against Dallas in the preseason won’t change the 1-3 regular season record against the team from Big D, it will give a year of bragging rights to the players and fans from Houston.

Which game excites you most? Answer the poll below or get the discussion going in the comment box.

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