Ryan Mallett Wants To Return To Houston Texans


The biggest issue for the Houston Texans going into the offseason may soon be resolved. After trading the New England a seventh round pick for back-up quarterback Ryan Mallett last season, the player who spent three years behind the great Tom Brady, promptly became a free agent at years’ end. But now all signs point to a return to Houston for the 26-year old quarterback.

Over the weekend, at the NFL’s Scouting Combine, both Texans’ general manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O’Brien expressed their desire to re-sign Mallett this offseason.

"“(Mallett’s) smart, and he’s a hard worker, and he understands our system,” O’Brien told the Houston Chronicle on Thursday. “I like the fact that when he wasn’t playing he was really into the game. He listened to every play call on an earpiece….There are a lot of things that make me believe he can be a starter in this league…I think he has a comfort level with our system and us coaching him.”"

The Texans made their intentions crystal clear, even before the quarterback class of prospect started warming up in Indianapolis. Mallett is their guy. Fortunately, the player feels the same way about the team.

On Wednesday, Mallett expressed his desire to return to Houston.

"“I’d like to be back,” Mallett told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “Hopefully, we can get something worked out…It’s nice to be wanted. It’s better than not being wanted.”"

McClain also updated Mallett’s recovery from surgery on a torn pectoral muscle. The young quarterback, who suffered the season-ending injury in late November after his first two starts in Houston, says he’s done some light throwing already and is taking things day-to-day.

Mallett recorded 400 passing yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in two starts in 2014, leading the Texans to a 23-7 win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 11.

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