Houston Texans Positional Breakdown: Quarterbacks


Arguably, the biggest positional need for the Houston Texans is to find a franchise quarterback. With only a handful of top-tier gunslingers in the league, the Texans seem to already have their eye on a quarterback for the immediate future.

We’ll talk about that and more as we breakdown the Houston Texans’ position of quarterback.

2014 Roster: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett, Tom Savage, Case Keenum, Thad Lewis, Ricky Stanzi

2015 Free Agents: Ryan Mallett (UFA), Case Keenum (UFA)

Draft Priority: High

2014 Season Review: Despite veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick starting a majority of the games in 2014 for the Houston Texans, winning six games while under center, the Texan’s coaching staff elected to hand the reigns over to Ryan Mallett mid-season.

Unfortunately, Mallett suffered a season-ending injury after only two starts forced Houston to go back to their original starter. But Fitzpatrick also went down due to injury and the Texans re-signed former quarterback Case Keenum to play in the final two games.

Positional Outlook: It appears the Texans will make every attempt to re-sign Mallett in order to pencil him in as their starting quarterback this season. If they can’t re-sign him, then Houston could look to free agency or to the NFL Draft to fill that void. More than likely, in that scenario, Fitzpatrick will once again start the year behind center as quarterback while Tom Savage continues to develop in his second season.

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