The Texans will beat the Bills, here’s why.


A new week, another New York team. This time the Texans will be hosting Buffalo Bills as they attempt correct a lot of mistakes from last week. Can they do this or was last week the dam bursting on the things inherently flawed with the team? Between talk radio and internet commentary you’d think the Texans hadn’t a chance in heck to beat the Bills. I’m here to tell you why the Texans will beat the Bills.

1. Run Game

Alfred Blue showed signs of goodness to come last week, including breaking off a big 40+ yard gain. You don’t get such production by accident and now that he’s got film of what to correct expect to see a larger role for Mr. Blue. Will he have a 30 or more touch game? Probably not, but I expect the Texans to hand him the ball around 15-20 times against the Bills. You’ll know he’s earned O’Briens trust if you see him split out wide like Foster has been used.

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2. Run Defense

Against the Giants, there was no run defense. This week, there will be. The Texans are none to pleased with how they allowed Rashad Jennings to make them a laughing stock last week and Crennel spent this week correcting such including putting third round draft pick Louis Nix III on IR for the season and signing 13 year veteran nose tackle Ryan Pickett. A first round draft pick back in 2001, Pickett spent five seasons in St Louis and the last eight with the Packers. A big, experienced man to help plug the middle of the line.

3. Bill O’Brien

Coach O’Brien has a reputation of holding people accountable and getting the best from them. The loss against the Giants is a tool, something to motivate, inspire and most of all coach better play from his team. Accountability means he knows he has room to grow and wasn’t perfect last week either. Either go big or go home and I expect more bold play calling from O’Brien this week. He’s been hard to figure out so far, one series the play calling seems timid, the next it’s going for the home run. More home runs and less timidity will be the word of the day Sunday.

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